If you’re after an artwork with specific colours, then please get in touch via the Contact Me form. We will then discuss what you are after, time frames, and pricing. Please note, a 25% deposit is required for commissions.

Clock commissions can take up to 4-6 weeks to produce due to the nature of the painting style.

Instagram and YouTube! A friend of mine showed me some cool art on Instagram and I knew I needed to try it, so I bought 3 colours of high-flow acrylics and gave it a go. I was trying to follow another Perth artist, and whilst my first piece looked nothing like hers, I knew that I wanted to play around more.

I am self-taught, and learnt everything I know through countless hours watching Instagram and YouTube videos, and many more hours of trial and error (easily in the hundreds of hours). After being asked many times by a friend to set up a workshop, I started putting my knowledge into practice by teaching others how to make cool art.

There have been many mistakes, ugly paintings, failures, and mishaps along the way. Whether it’s the paint, the style, or the colours, you generally don’t know what something is going to look like until it’s dry, and that is a huge part of the learning process. One thing I have learnt about fluid art is that a mistake and mishap isn’t the end of the world. Three of my most memorable mishaps include:

– The time one piece fell on the floor when I left it to dry and I came back 30 mins later to find all the paint was ruined. I picked it up and put it back on the drying rack. After it dried the effect was so cool that I left it as is!

– The time I tried to do a paint-over on a piece without peeling all the old paint off first. Turns out putting very liquid paint on former liquid paint causes cracks. But the effect was unique that I left it to dry, and now the piece is a a true one-of-a-kind!

– The time I went to work and left my paintings in the sun to dry. I forgot to ask someone to pull them out of the sun after an hour. When I came home that night one of the records had warped due to the heat. Instead of throwing it out, I resined it and now it’s another truly unique piece.

I started making art as a way to unwind and let out my inner child. When I started making fluid art I had just changed jobs and was working in a high-pressure role. I found that playing with the fluid acrylics was a great way to de-stress and support my mental well being.

I continued making art because it was addictive! I was hooked from the start and wanted to learn everything I could, plus, it was an excuse to buy ALL THE SUPPLIES! What started as a fun evening activity soon turned into an obsession and eventually a business.

There are still days where I get imposter syndrome and my brain goes off on a negative tangent, and those are the days that make me stronger as a person and an artist. Art doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to ‘be’.

I use old vinyl records that I find at op-shops (charity shops). I started painting records early on in my creative journey, and it was my brother that suggested I make them into clocks. It’s  also a great way to upcycle unwanted items.

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia (Boorloo, on Whadjuk Noongar country), and that’s where I was based when I first started Handmade Pride.

I left Perth in late 2021 and made the move to the UK. I am now based in St Albans, which is a gorgeous town just outside London.

Please check the product description to see where it ships from, as artwork made in Australia is sent from there, and artwork made in the UK is sent from there.

Print on demand is a printing process where art and apparel isn’t printed until an order is fulfilled. It’s a great way to lesson the environmental impact by only printing when a customer is ready to buy!

Handmade Pride has items fulfiled through print-on-demand drop shipper. They have locations worldwide, so depending on where you are, your orders are printed and shipped from the facility that can do it most efficiently!


Worldwide shipping is available.

Note: There may be some instances where we cannot ship to your country due to limitations with Australia Post. If you are unsure if we ship to your country, please get in contact and we will check this for you.

Handmade artwork (clocks): Australia.

Apparel and other on-demand printed artwork: The Alphabet Mafia items are printed at facilities across the world, including Australia, the UK, the US, Europe etc. As such, the delivery times will vary and products may be dispatched from two different locations due to the printing facilities.

Handmade artwork: We aim to get your handmade item packaged and shipped within 3 – 5 days of being ordered. Delivery times vary. Please check Australia Post for expected delivery times for items shipping from Australia.

Apparel and on-demand printed items: Usually, it takes 3–7 days to fulfill an order, after which it’s shipped out. The shipping time depends on your location, but can be estimated as follows:

  • Australia: 2–14 business days
  • USA: 3–4 business days
  • Europe: 6–8 business days
  • Japan: 4–8 business days
  • International: 10–20 business days
Please note that covid is still impacting supply chains and delivery times around the world. If we are aware of a delay in the shipment of your purchase we will contact you and advise of the delay.

Shipping is calculated at checkout.

If there is an issue with your order, I will do everything I can to rectify it. Please use the Contact Me page to get in touch within 7 days of receiving your items to let me know, as you may be entitled to an exchange or refund. You may be asked to send photos of the item/damage.

All product photography is done in house and as such there may be slight variations when compared to the images on a screen. Whilst all care is taken to ensure the colours in the photographs are as accurate as possible, computer, tablet and mobile screen resolutions may cause the colours to differ from the actual colours of the item.

Please choose wisely as returns, refunds and exchanges are not normally offered if you have changed your mind.

Please do not mail anything back without first getting in contact and receive confirmation that the items can be returned.

As per the consumer protection laws in Australia, shipping fees are not covered by Handmade Pride. If an item is not covered by the consumer guarantee, shipment will be covered by Handmade Pride.

With the on-demand apparrel, we don’t offer exchanges. If you’re unsure which size would fit better, check out the sizing charts—we have one for every item listed on our store, in the product description section. Though rare, it’s possible that an item you ordered was mislabelled. If that’s the case, please contact us within a week after receiving your order. Include your order number and photos of the mislabeled item, and we will aim to rectify the mistake as soon as possible.

International shipments (outside Australia) may incur customs fees and additional taxes. This fee is not in our control and is set and assessed by your local customs office. Each country’s customs policy is different and the fees may be based on a number of values (including but not limited to weight, value, size and packaging). Handmade Pride does not take any responsibility for customs fees – these are the responsibility of the buyer. Please check with your local customs office directly to see if they apply duties and taxes to your purchases.

Before getting in touch with us, please help us out by doing the following:

  • Check your shipping confirmation email for any mistakes in the delivery address
  • Ask your local post office if they have your package
  • Stop by your neighbours in case the courier left the package with them

If everything was correct and there’s still no order, please contact us with your order number and we will endeavour to find out where your artwork is.

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